Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going Green in Winter

Nate found two more ways to make our house more efficient this winter, and is making improvements as I type. First, he bought a reusable air filter for the furnace. Once it's installed, you just clean it regularly and then reinstall.

Second, he is insulating the hot water pipes. It's just a wrap that looks like a small version of the insulation you'd put around the water heater; wrap it around the pipes and start using less energy to keep the water heated.

Easy changes that will improve our efficiency this winter.

28 weeks and kicking

It's hard to tell, but if you watch close, you can see our little boy moving around. Every time I started recording, he stopped moving.

He kicks once just after halfway through the video, then there's some movement on the left side (my right side) of the video towards the end.

Apologies for the gross, giant, hairy, white belly...winter doesn't do much to improve the looks of a pregnant belly.


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