Sunday, December 13, 2009

What We've Done So Far

We spent about a year "greenifying" our house before deciding to formally share what we're doing (though many of our friends have gotten several earfuls about our green adventures).

So here's a bit of our socially responsible conversions in the past year:

  • Installed rain barrels
  • Composting
  • Line dry all our laundry (yes, you can line dry in the winter!)
  • Insulate our windows with plastic
  • Hypermile
  • Always take the more fuel efficient vehicle
  • Clean with Seventh Generation products
  • Consult the Better World Shopper for purchases 
  • Easing into buying grass fed beef and free-range organic chicken
  • Install fluorescent or LED lights throughout the house. Our back porch light is a solar powered LED. 
  • Run the fan in reverse to circulate heat
Not so hard, huh?! We do have a long way to go, but social responsibility is an ever evolving journey which we have enjoyed so far.

Our journey so far

Our goal with this blog is to share the work we do in making our personal world a bit kinder to the environment, to the people who work to provide what we want and need, and to the health of others.

We strive to reduce our negative impact and increase our positive contributions constantly. Because it is work to do this, and many people don't want to do that work, we wanted to share what we learn to make it easier for others to reach for social responsibility as well.

So read, enjoy, and learn from our continuing journey. I hope you find inspiration to take steps in a caring, responsible direction from what we have to share. 


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