Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Go Johnson & Johnson!

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Johnson & Johnson has made a pledge to remove several toxic chemicals from their products by 2015! WOOHOO! This means I won't have to spend hours trying to discern if a new product will be safe for my family or not!

Thanks, Johnson & Johnson!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This post is pretty basic. I went back to work this week after 8 weeks off (one of the perks of being an educator) and I was reminded of how much money N and I save by packing our own lunches. Then I realized how much healthier it is, and how much the environment benefits too.

On Monday, I baked a lasagna, which I prepared Sunday night so it was just a quick toss in the oven after my first day of work. Our family of 3 polished off a 4th of it Monday night, leaving me with leftovers for the week. I pack in glass so I can reheat in our ancient microwave at work without worrying about what might be coming off plastic.

I bring my own silverware from home (and usually a few weeks into the school year after forgetting a fork one too many times, I wind up just leaving a set at work).

By packing my own lunch, I'm eating healthier food, smaller portions, decreasing waste, and cooking in bulk with inexpensive organic food rather than pre-made pricey food.
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