Sunday, December 13, 2009

What We've Done So Far

We spent about a year "greenifying" our house before deciding to formally share what we're doing (though many of our friends have gotten several earfuls about our green adventures).

So here's a bit of our socially responsible conversions in the past year:

  • Installed rain barrels
  • Composting
  • Line dry all our laundry (yes, you can line dry in the winter!)
  • Insulate our windows with plastic
  • Hypermile
  • Always take the more fuel efficient vehicle
  • Clean with Seventh Generation products
  • Consult the Better World Shopper for purchases 
  • Easing into buying grass fed beef and free-range organic chicken
  • Install fluorescent or LED lights throughout the house. Our back porch light is a solar powered LED. 
  • Run the fan in reverse to circulate heat
Not so hard, huh?! We do have a long way to go, but social responsibility is an ever evolving journey which we have enjoyed so far.

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