Monday, March 15, 2010

Indoor Greenhouse

I'm a little worried this "social responsibility" blog will turn into "Jodi's Joys of Gardening" if I'm not careful, but I'm so excited for my first real vegetable garden, I just can't help it!

Last week I started broccoli indoors. Within 2 days, seeds had sprouted! Every day I come home from work and they have grown so much. I don't think my husband shares my excitement; when they started growing like weeds I went on and on about the miracle of life, and he just nodded and said, "That's cool." I can only imagine how good food I've grown from seed will taste (I really hope all this work lives up to my fervent expectations).

Today I've started bell peppers, and I'm eagerly anticipating planting tomatoes in a few weeks. As my mom has said, My grandparents would be so proud!

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