Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Food!

A has begun his adventures in eating. I have no doubt that he'll develop a sweet tooth like his mom, and a snacking habit like his dad, but while I still have full control over what he eats, I'll try and prevent that from happening.

We started with Gerber's organic brown rice cereal. This was after much internal debate on my part. I wanted to excite his taste palate early and often, but the doctor thought I was a little crazy. After discovering that rice cereal can be whole grain, I allowed myself to feel okay starting with this simple food.

The next food introduced is where things got interesting. I decided to puree my own organic sweet potatoes. (1 potato made 18 servings at a cost of about $.07 a serving, compared to my jar of Earth's Best organic which cost .$.15 a serving). Nate insisted I need to account for my time as well-this first foray into purees took me 2 hours :o. I blame the blender though-it's a piece of junk. So I indulged in a $35 food processor. Hopefully this (and experience) will speed my process up. And after tasting both varieties myself, I have to insist that my fresh puree is much better than the jarred stuff.

Regardless, A is loving his solids. He says "mmm" after every new food. It's been very exciting for both of us!

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