Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Since I'm a terrible blogger, and I can't think of anything new to post, and the sun is beating down on us 2 months early, and my eagerly walking son insists on being outside every moment possible, I thought I'd write a quick post on the topic of sunscreen.

I think I've shared before that I love to consult the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Database when I purchase personal care products. In doing so, I find myself depressed about the fact that it is nearly impossible to avoid all the harmful and potentially harmful chemicals in skin and body care products. Endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, cellular level changes, neurotoxicity, reproductive and developmental concerns...My husband says I'm an alarmist and I agree, but when it's easy for me to find products that I can guarantee are safe and they work, why wouldn't I spend a few minutes researching and getting safe products for myself and my family?

When I went to buy sunscreen to send with my boy to day care, I had to whip out my EWG database again. Sunscreen is even more concerning because the most commonly found products use oxybenzone and octonoxate, possible hormone disruptors.

We know that zinc oxide is safe and effective, and so is sun protective clothing (although I'm fast learning that raising a boy means I have a child who loves to run naked). Since the research suggests that zinc oxide is safe while the jury is still out on oxybenzone, I opt for zinc oxide.

After spending way too much time in front of sunscreen, I bought Banana Boat Natural Reflect Baby. I hope you are able to make your selection faster and spend more time enjoying the sun this summer! 

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  1. I think I spent 4 hours on the EWG skindeep website trying to find suncreen and baby wash. how sad that the majority of 8-10 are all in these two categories. I ended up puchasing adorable baby wash and lotion, however the lavendar scent smelled a bit like vix vapor rub, so I go the original scent instead. As for suncreens, I think I ended up with Aveeno baby, but even that was rated a 3 I think. Either way, I wish so much I could find a spray on sunscreen that wasn't so harmful. Let me know if you ever find one



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