Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fresh Bread!

I'm proud to say I've successfully baked 2 loaves of tasty, fresh, homemade bread. Here we come, preservative free wheat goodness!

My first loaf of white bread tasted wonderfully similar to my grandma's bread. It was amazing toasted with butter and jam. However, Nate and I are wheat bread eaters, so I ventured nervously into the world of wheat bread. It  turned out better than the white!

I tweaked a recipe from The Simple Dollar by using Hodgson Mill Stone Ground Wheat in place of half the flour and honey replaced of sugar.

We finished off the day with a delicious dinner from Angelina's Kitchen in Woodbury. The owner and chef makes homemade, fresh, healthy, and delicious meals that you take and cook at home. Great for the days when you just don't want to cook.

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