Sunday, January 24, 2010

On the List

We are now eagerly anticipating a new addition to our ever greenified household...a Chevy Volt!

Our name is on the waiting list at a local Chevy dealer. We had set a goal when we purchased our last car (in college) that our next car would be a hybrid. We are planning to not only meet our goal but to surpass it within the next year. The Chevy Volt, anticipated to be released in November 2010, runs about 40 miles on pure battery power. When that runs out, the energy to keep going comes from a range-extending gas generator. This will allow us to continue to use vehicles in the same we we always have, but most of the time we will be emitting zero emissions. When we do take longer trips, we will continue to benefit from using gas more efficiently.

Check out the details on Chevy's website.

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