Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer with an 18 month old

Apparently I've lacked inspiration over the spring and summer to blog. I've been spending way too much time on Pinterest trying to find recipes to cook and activities to keep the little man busy since I have summers off with him, and we've been having a blast! Some of the socially responsible fun we've had this summer includes:

  • Visiting the Maplewood Nature Center 
  • Creating art out of "treasures" found on our nature hike
  • Homemade finger paints (which we've used for all of our painting projects)
  • Painting with corn (corn supplied by a local farmer) 
  • Visits to the Maplewood and St. Paul Farmer's Markets
  • Visits with friends
  • Story Time at the Maplewood library 
  • Checking out the Ramsey County Fair
  • Family vacations
  • Shopping at thrift stores for new toys
  • National Night Out (to which we were invited to bring our own plates and silverware in an effort to reduce trash...nice!)
I return to work soon, and I'm sure it will be a tough transition. I'm excited for old routines and returning to my old definition of myself as a school counselor. The summer has flown by, yet my professional identity seems very far away. We'd love to hear any more ideas we can use to stay busy and socially responsible for our final days of summer! 

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